Amata City Rayong

Our second Thai industrial city in Rayong province, Amata City Rayong, was established on high ground in 1995. It covers 16,895 rai (6,678 acres or 2,703 hectares) and is perfectly located in a prime area only 27 km from the Laem Chabang deep Seaport and 99 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

In terms of Industry break down some 40% of its customers relate to the Steel, Metal, Plastic industries while the rest relate to the Automotive, Electronics, Healthcare, Service, Chemicals and Food industries.

General Information




Rayong Province


16,895 rai / 27,032,000 m2 / 2,703 hectares

No. of Factories

More than 350 factories


P.R. China (36.7%), Japan (28.9%), Asia (22.5%), EU (5.9%), USA & South America (2.7%), Australia/Pacific (2.7%), Others (0.6%)

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Our second Thai industrial city in Rayong province is easily accessible from the Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway. Situated on high solid ground, Amata City is just 27 km from Laem Chabang Deep Seaport and 99 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Amata City Rayong
Bangkok: 114 km.
Suvarnabhumi Airport: 99 km.
Laem Chabang Deep Seaport: 27 km.
Sriracha City: 29 km.
Pattaya City: 36 km.

Amata Facilities

Other Facilities

In keeping with Amata's objective of creating a sustainable and state-of-the-art business estate that is reliable and provides an extended array of services, Amata City Rayong has the following facilities: 

  • Accommodation: C-House with rooms for rent
  • Education: Suankularb Wittayalai Primary and Secondary School
  • Commercial & Recreational: Restaurants, banks, shops, Mini Tesco-Lotus and Laem Chabang Golf
  • Healthcare: Amata Vetchakarn Medical Center

Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone

In 2006 China’s Holley Group and Amata Corporation entered into an agreement for the development of a special industrial zone that welcomes manufacturers from mainland China. The Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone is internationally recognized as a Chinese national overseas economic and trade cooperation zone.

The zone aims to become not only a manufacturing center, but an integrated economic area complete with storage, logistical, exhibition, commercial and living facilities.

Strategically located at Amata City Rayong, with its convenient transportation routes to the deep-Seaport at Laem Chabang and other supporting infrastructure, Rayong Industrial Zone is the best choice for investment in Thailand for Chinese enterprises.

Floodwater Management

The location of Amata City Rayong is located near Laem Chabang deep Seaport with average of 70 meters above mean sea level. The location is not in the flooding area and was not affected by the major flood incident in Thailand in 2012.

Amata has ongoing projects for flood control and has been improving its drainage system in order to effectively drain water from heavy rainfall to the sea faster. Moreover, the company has invested in the improvement of its pumping system and has improved its sand dykes by adding to the existing height or by constructing new ones. In addition, the company has established an Emergency Service Call Center as a part of contingency plans for dealing with emergencies including those presented by flooding.


Amata's management team and its employees are serious about minimizing the impact made by company operations on the environment. This is demonstrated by the recent ISO 14001 accreditation the company received from TUV Rheinland for its two industrial estates in Thailand.

The company has long had a 'zero-discharge' waste management program for waste water. Each day the company treats and reuses 74,700 cubic meters of waste water: 40% is used to water green areas, 30% is used at on-site power generating facilities operated by the joint-venture with Amata B. Grimm Power Company; and 30% is recycled to be used as part of the regular water supply.

Investment Incentive

In Thailand, some industrial complexes are called ‘industrial estates’, whereas others are called ‘industrial parks’. Why the difference? The term ‘industrial estate’ can only be used by estates belonging to or jointly developed with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT).  IEAT is a state enterprise established by the Ministry of Industry to develop more planned and regulated industrial complexes. Amata’s estates were jointly developed and comply with all rules and regulations set forth by IEAT. Because Amata is working under IEAT, customers can enjoy special privileges like consolidated, efficient document processing and perhaps most importantly, the right to 100% foreign ownership of land.


At Amata, your company can rely on a solid infrastructure that makes doing business much easier. From wide paved roads built to handle logistics, to local financial institutions that deal with all kinds of transactions, everything is designed to make your work here as convenient and efficient as possible. Importantly, your company will have access to

  • Reliable power supply
  • Dependable water supply and waste water management
  • Efficient telecommunications
  • Experienced legal, trade and customs services